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South Carolina - Rental Real Estate Investor's Dreamland

Demographics and Real Estate in South Carolina

South Carolina's population is over 4.7 million and rapidly growing, with the tenth-fastest population growth rate in the nation at nearly 4.5%. North Carolina's warm climate, beautiful beaches and multitude of golf courses, has become the a retirement mecca of the mid-south. Rental home investors, retirees and second-home owners are in love with South Carolina's real estate affordability.

Luxury Markets at Medium Prices

The average upscale home value ranges from $200,000 - $300,000 compared to the staggering price of a million dollars or more for Florida's upscale coastal markets, such as Naples or Palm Beach. Dollar for dollar, South Carolina's investment and retirement property shines in value.

Statewide, the average home value is about $140,000 which is $40,000 below the national average - while the median household income was an average $40,000, placing it in the bottom 10 states for household wealth.

A Rental Home Investors Dream

Lower average incomes are a clear indication of an opportunity to buy up homes for rental investments while at the same time being able to enjoy upscale retirement quality living in an affordable estate comparable to million dollar homes of Florida.

South Carolina Tourism and Economy

We provide blanket loans for property all over South Carolina. With over 90 golf courses, a 60-mile stretch of beaches, more than 16 million vacationers visit the area each year providing an estimated $8 billion a year for the tourism industry. The resorts of Hilton Head Island and Kiawah Island are rated in the top 10 of the most expensive places for real estate in North Carolina. It is no wonder then that tourism provides about 10% of the total workforce in the state.

Aside from the beaches, Charleston is an incredibly well-preserved colonial town, its architectural vistas are a pure treasure. Charleston was dubbed "the Best Mannered City in the U.S." and in 2015, was named the “Top U.S. City” to visit for five years in a row by Conde Nast Traveler. Before you visit, check out our rates, or look into our stated income loans.

Aviation and automotive manufacturing industries have South Carolina residents well employed. Boeing, and more than 100 aerospace and aviation companies, as well as over 250 automotive companies provide South Carolina residents with stable employment and a stronger economy.

South Carolina Real Estate Resources

Landlord & Real Estate Law in South Carolina:

South Carolina law does not regulate the details of the landlord-tenant relationship but does set some guidelines.

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