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Oregon: A True American Frontier for Real Estate Investors.

Oregon: A True American Frontier.

Oregon is one of the last few states which still meets the technical definition of a frontier. Oregon's real estate landscape is quiet varied, it includes everything from mountains, to rain forests on the Coast, to desert in the southeast. As a true frontier, Oregon still needs lots of new homes, a great investment opportunity for rental home investors.

Profits for Oregon investment portfolios have grown. Home prices for Oregon real estate have increased significantly in the past years, and the future looks to continue on that trend.

Homes Are Selling Fast!

Homes are selling faster as time continues. Why? Oregon is between Washington and California, so as more Californians can no longer afford housing and Washington residents look for a better economy, the popularity in the Oregon real estate market grow

Top US Home Buyer Destination!

Oregon is the most popular state in America people are moving to. In fact, it has been the top destination for home buyers for over 3 years. Oregon workers can expect higher wage gains with employment as this increases in income is throughout all the major Oregon industries and regions.

Rental Property in Demand!

Oregon’s needs housing, it's a great opportunity for rental home multifamily investors. Home supply has not kept up with housing demand and this applies to rentals as well as homes for sale. Because of this supply/demand issue prices have risen, new construction is expected to pick up in the near future. Stated investor opportunities have never been better in Oregon.

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