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Loan parameters for rental portfolio refinancing.

Loan Parameters

Rental Home Financing is currently inviting applications for our new industry leading portfolio mortgage loan program.

With NO LIMITS on number of properties owned or financed, attractive investment mortgage rates, and investor friendly underwriting, let this be your catalyst for maximizing portfolio performance and growing holdings to new levels.

  • 1 to 500 rental properties
  • No personal Income/debt ratios are used
  • Consolidate monthly payment to 1 single mortgage lender
  • Portfolios located across the United States are OK
  • 30 year Amortization available
  • Non-Recourse options
  • 5 -10 & 30 year fixed rates

With over $5.5B under management, low fixed bulk rental property mortgage loans for acquisitions, improvements and restructuring, in addition to lines of credit and credit facilities for rapidly growing investors and investment companies it’s hard to find a financing partner that even comes close…

View loan program highlights, browse our frequently asked questions or contact us today for expert assistance in refinancing your rental property portfolio.

If you are in need of financing less than 5 rental properties, please visit our Single property 30 year loan product

Loan Parameters Chart

TermTypeIndexPrepay prd.RecourseMax LTVMin. DSCRAmort.
5 years* Fixed 5-year Swap Options Non-recourse 75% 1.20x 30 years
5 years* Fixed 5-year Swap Options Full recourse 75% 1.20x 30 years
10 years* Fixed 10-year Swap Options Non-recourse 75% 1.20x 30 years
10 years* Fixed 10-year Swap Options Full recourse 75% 1.20x 30 years

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Rental Property Blanket Mortgages

Rental Property Blanket Mortgages

We offer innovative and flexible non-recouse lending solutions specifically designed for the investor who has been actively aquiring residential real estate from banks, individuals, REITS, pension funds, etc with the intent to rent back to the general public. We are now seeking loans in the $500,000 - $30,000,000+ for stabilized property portfolios in most Nationwide markets.

Our experienced lending professionals understand how to underwrite and quickly price your loan.

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