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Alabama Investment Property Loans and Real Estate

Alabama offers a lot more for real estate investors than most realize. With new investment property loans offering great liquidity for single and multifamily investors AL real estate returns might surprise many.

All About Alabama

In many ways Alabama has been one of the most repressed states for many decades. However, the new economy could be about to unlock AL real estate potential and change all that.

While still underestimated, Alabama is a state in motion, and there’s a lot more going on than football. Major investment has helped pivot the state from relying heavily on agriculture and private farming to aerospace, health care, finance, and information. As of 2014 the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed this had resulted in the state beating the national unemployment average, with one of the lowest rates in the nation.

These shake ups have also apparently caused some significant population shift since the 2010 census. Today’s top cities include Birmingham, Hunstville, and Montgomery. While many states have lost a substantial portion of their populations in the wake of the crises, Alabama has seen its population steadily rising from 1800 through 2014.

Alabama also has a very strong tourism economy. An estimated 20 million international tourists visit the state each year, creating great opportunities for investors, and among vacation home sales and rentals.

One of the major factors which has been blamed for holding the state back has been high taxation, and in particular very high taxation on lower income individuals and families. However, in a unique twist, the state is regarded as having the second lowest corporate tax burden in the US, and AL property taxes are the lowest in the country.

AL Real Estate Data & Trends

Having low corporate and property taxes make Alabama an incredibly attractive state for out of area and foreign national real estate investors.

According to the Alabama Center for Real Estate at the University of Alabama as of Nov. 2014:

  • Median home prices stood at $128,865
  • Inventory fell to 32,846 units
  • Months of supply also fell to 11 months
  • Days on market averaged 139 days
  • It officially remained a ‘Buyers Market’
  • Some areas have seen sales rising by as much as 11%

Compare more statistics via the Alabama Residential Data Center

In summary; Alabama offers some of the most underestimated, and undervalued marketplaces with the least competition, while affording income property investors from all over the globe some very irresistible acquisition opportunities.

AL Investment Property Mortgage Loans

2014 really marked the turning point for AL mortgage financing for property investors. A variety of new loan programs and expanded features have made financing AL income properties far easier, more affordable, and more profitable.

Among the latest AL loan product features to look for include:

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AL Real Estate Resources

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