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Vacation Rental Property Loans - Top Markets for 2019

Vacation Rental Property Loans Top Markets for 2019Do you specialize in renting out vacation homes?

Or, have you simply decided that it’s time to diversify your real-estate portfolio by adding some vacation properties to it?

Either way, you’ve chosen a great year. 2019 has seen some fantastic opportunities spring up for those who want to profit by purchasing vacation properties. So, before you use your vacation rental property loans on traditional hotspots like Las Vegas or Miami, take a moment to consider some up-and-coming options.

The Top 5 Places to Use Vacation Rental Property Loans in 2019

While you always want to do your research about a particular city to find the best possible opportunity for your new investment, the five cities on this list should prove to make that an extremely easy process.

How to Use an AirBnb Mortgage to Purchase a Rental PropertyBy now, just about everyone has heard of Airbnb. More than 10 years ago, the now-household name, debuted and forever changed how people travel.

It’s done a lot more than that, though. As it turns out, Airbnb has also given people completely new income streams.

Where many homeowners would once list their houses a couple of times year when they happened to be leaving town, nowadays, many people are purchasing second properties specifically to list them on Airbnb.

To do this, they need an Airbnb mortgage and an understanding of what to look for in the ideal property.

What Is an Airbnb Mortgage?

An “Airbnb mortgage” is just a term that commonly refers to the kinds of loans investors use when they want to purchase a home specifically to rent out on Airbnb. The company doesn’t actually offer any kind of financing. Instead, the term originated from just how common this practice has become. With the incredible growth of Airbnb, many investors realized that it provided an excellent avenue for new income streams. While the platform may have initially found popularity by simply giving homeowners a way to make a little extra money every now and then, many have realized the potential of buying a home specifically to rent it out on the popular site.

Cash Out Equity of Your Airbnb PropertyThe Airbnb industry has changed the way people find places to stay when they’re away from home. Just 10 years old, the soon to be pubic company, has already disrupted one of the oldest industries in the world without owning any properties that it leases to its customer base.

Airbnb loans have also changed the way many people make money. For some investors, owning homes they can rent out to travelers through Airbnb has become a major source of income.

Unfortunately, most traditional lenders still struggle with understanding this business model and as a result, simply aren’t capable of furnishing loans to investors who want to buy properties for Airbnb purposes.

Fortunately, traditional bank-type lenders aren’t the only options anymore. If you need financing for an Airbnb property, our team can help.

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Short Term Vacation Rental Financing

short term vacation rental financing

Short Term Vacation Rental Financing

Our newest product offering is specifically geared toward the professional investor that is ramping up his/her inventory in Short Term Vacation Rental Property. With traditional bank financing still trying to figure out how to model cash flow, we have taken the lead in this space with our innovative 5 - 7- 30 year fixed products that works using up to 75% of the value of the VBRO rental unit.

Common since underwriting for the AirBNB property mortgage will be used:

Up to 75% of as-is value based upon a fair market appraisal from one of our approved AMC (Appraisal Management Companies). Most areas of the USA will be considered. Rural properties are tough.

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How to Finance a Rental Property

how to finance a rental propertyBuying a rental property is arguably one of the best investments you can make in your financial future. A rental home’s potential for immediate cashflow, long-term equity building, and investment security are practically unmatched.

Of course, a lot goes into choosing the best possible rental property.

As much promise as these investments hold, you could end up struggling more than necessary if you don’t think things through. Bad financing could even make the investment an obstacle to your financial wellbeing.

Among the considerations you’ll need to make before purchasing a house is understanding how to finance a rental property. Accomplish this all-important step successfully and your investment’s prospects will improve significantly.

The goal ofinvesting in a vacation rental is to create an income. Without using the right vacation rental listing site, this may become far more difficult. While the process starts with financing and finding the right loan program for your specific needs, it won't matter much if you cannot get anybody to stay in your vacation property.

You have a few basic choices when it comes to listing sites. HomeAway, VBRO and Airbnb are the three main choices. Here's a look at some of the important information you should know about all three of these sites.

The Traveler Service Fee

Most of the major booking sites for vacation properties will charge a traveler service fee. This is calculated based on the total nightly rate and fees. These fees can affect your bookings as the traveler will have to pay the fee in order to stay in your property.

After you've gone through the process of finding the right vacation rental property financing and you've purchased your new assets, what do you do next? Maybe you've decided you want to use the home a few weeks out of the year and the rest of the year you want to rent your vacation home on Airbnb. This is an option many choose, and for good reason.

Airbnb provides one of the top options for those looking to book a vacation rental in some of the best destinations around the world. They have more than 1.5 million listings in over 34,000 cities with all kinds of accommodations. Here are seven tips you can use to make sure you get more bookings when listing your vacation rental with Airbnb.

Take Great Pictures

The one thing you have to set you apart from your competition is the picture you include with your listing. Sure, price might matter to some travelers, but if you don't show off great pictures, the price will become insignificant. If you have the means to get professional pictures taken, this is always a good option.

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Vacation Rental Property Financing

Vacation rental property investing is trending. What factors are driving this sector now? What financing options for vacation rentals are there?

The premium rents and returns that short-term rentals like vacation properties can deliver are drawing more and more investors. Income property investors are realizing that they can often get 2-4x the monthly rent by offering Airbnb style accommodations. By avoiding the traditional long term lease these investors are also able to avoid much of the risk normally associated with being a landlord, and stay poised to capitalize on rate increase opportunities. townhomes

tax tipsNavigating the tough waters of tax laws in USA can be tricky especially if you are a landlord. If you are a landlord, it is important that you know the type of expenses you can deduct for your rental property to help you reduce your taxable income, which eventually reduces your tax liability. Here are the top tax deductions for landlords.

1. Depreciation

The depreciation expense applies to those things that you have bought for your business which have a useful life even after the current tax year. Here are the three rules to calling something depreciable:

  1. Expected to last for more than one year.
  2. Provides value to your business in some way.
  3. Becomes invaluable or wears out over time.