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4 Ways To Use New Apartment Building Loans To Boost Multifamily Portfolio Performance

Expanded approval for apartment building loans!

Rental Home Financing recently announced the roll out of its newly expanded apartment building loans for income property investors. With access to attractive financing for more multifamily investors, what are some of the best ways to leverage pent up equity to improve portfolio performance?

New Multifamily Loans for Investors

New apartment building loans from Rental Home Financing offer access to captive equity for multifamily investors that haven’t been able to maximize their portfolios until now.

Loan program highlights include:


  • LTVs up to 75%
  • Non-recourse loan option
  • Loan amounts from $500k to $20M
  • Low multifamily mortgage rates
  • Up to 30 year amortization
  • Expanded approvals for credit challenged borrowers


Four Strategies for Putting Capital to Work for Maximum Portfolio Performance


  1. Investing in better property management technology Technology has dramatically changed property management in the last 24 months. Those multifamily property owners armed with the best in property management software, cloud storage and mobile apps are creating far higher spreads and NOI than ever before possible.

  2. Value add improvements
    One of the best advantages of multifamily property investing is the ability to add value in any market cycle, as well as the enhanced ROI on property improvements and upgrades. Those not putting this to work for themselves, and who are not leveraging current retrofitting and green building trends will fund their returns subpar.

  3. Positioning
    Building on from the above, some of the most significant gains in boosting multifamily property performance is in upgrading the positioning and branding of investment properties. This can be applied through hard on-site upgrades as well as through PR and media. Perceived value can mean real increases to occupancy rates, rental rates, and NOI.

  4. Expanding portfolios
    Many investors and firms are simply fooling themselves when calculating cap rates and ROI today. Rapidly growing asset prices, complimented with compressed mortgage interest rates, and new opportunities means that those with higher rate loans and even ‘free and clear’ holdings are likely experiencing far inferior true cap rates and returns than they are aware of. The ability to reduce rates and borrowing costs, and release captive equity with new apartment building loans is enabling investors to expand portfolios while the market is ripe and dramatically improve overall returns.
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