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10 Hottest Real Estate markets to Get a Blanket Investment Loan

top 10 investment locationsFuture Investor Profits Look Great
There’s still plenty of demand from renters and buyers on the in search of a home.  The low supply and high demand means your rental and resale profits continue to grow. 

Demand for real estate continues to push forward and it's economic foundations remain strong. We agree with most forecasts for the upcoming year expecting expecing continued growth in the real estate markets for investors

Data for the locations where homes are in most demand are provided in the chart below.  The data is ranked by montly progress by, not yearly so keep that in mind. For example, Oregon has a huge housing demand growing from the influx of people from california, on a yearly progress chart would surely make the top.

10 hottest real estate markets for November 2016

10 Hottest Markets Rank
Rank Change
1 San Francisco, CA 1 0
2 Dallas, TX 4 2
3 Vallejo, CA 3 0
4 Denver, CO 2 -2
5 San Jose, CA 7 2
6 San Diego, CA 6 0
7 Stockton, CA 9 2
8 Fort Wayne, IN 5 -3
9 Columbus, OH 10 1
10 Detroit, MI 12 2

Chart information gathered from public data reported by*

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