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Stated Investor Requirements

Stated Residential Investor – 1- 4 Family Requirements

Rental Home Financing now provides a stated program for residential rental properties that does not require borrower tax returns to conform to a global underwrite. We like to see a minimum FICO score of 650 and will base the underwriting off of the asset(s). Typical guidelines are as follows:

Financing for 1 to 4 units investment/rental units free standing or attached duplex, triplex and fourplex properties. “blanket mortgage” funding available for multifamily apartment properties.

  • 30-year amortization
  • Property identification (application)
  • Credit report with middle score of 650
  • Maximum LTV of 75%
  • No rehabilitation or construction costs financed.
  • Will finance completed properties as a take-out/permanent mortgage funding.
  • Borrower may use “stated income” - No personal debt to income ratios. No global underwrite.
  • Appraisal done by a National Appraiser Service with average cost in the $400 to $600 range/property.
  • 1 – 3% lender origination points.
  • Property tax and property insurance impounds are required.
  • Three [3] and five [5] year fixed interest rate period followed by adjustable rate at WSJ “prime” plus Margin of four percent (4.00%). 2.00% is the maximum first adjustment, 1.00% periodic (every 6 months). 2.00% max annual adjustment and 6.00% life cap over start rate.
  • Loans are fully assumable to qualified borrower for 1.00% fee. New borrower must conform for program.
  • Free and clear properties receive a five percent (5.00%) reduction of maximum LTV. 65% instead of 70%.
  • Any property listed for sale within the last six months is only eligible rate/term refinance. No Cash out available.
  • Prepayment penalty is 3% for 1-4 unit deals and 5% for commercial. Borrower can pay off 20% of equity in any 12 month rolling period without triggering prepayment penalty. Example: 3 year fixed loan, a borrower can pay off 60% of principal without triggering penalty.
  • Prepayment penalty can be bought down options available.
  • 10% max gift allowance of total loan amount.
  • First time buyers max LTV 60%; First time investor(own their primary residence) max LTV 65%.


Rental Home Financing offers commercial stated income mortgage loans in most locations including:

Central StatesNorthern StatesPacific StatesSouthern StatesWestern States
Illinois Connecticut Arizona Alabama Colorado
Indiana Delaware California Arkansas Idaho
Iowa Maine Nevada Florida Kansas
Kentucky Maryland Oregon Georgia Montana
Michigan Massachusett Utah Louisiana Nebraska
Minnesota New Hampshire Washington Mississippi New Mexico
Missouri New Jersey   North Carolina North Dakota
Ohio New York   South Carolina Oklahoma
Wisconsin Pennsylvania   Tennessee South Dakot
  Rhode Island   Virginia Texas
  Vermont   West Virginia Wyoming

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