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Installing Home Security System on Your Rental Property

How to Choose the Right Home Security System for a Rental Property

securityHome security systems are not only meant for homeowners, they can also be used by landlords who rent out their property. If you are a newbie to the rental property scene or you are simply wondering which home security system is ideal for you, this article will explain how to choose the right security system for your rental property.



Landlords are often required to operate their rental properties on a strict budget. Luckily, there are methods to economize on a home security system purchase without compromising quality. Installing the security system yourself can help you save a good amount of money, and most D-I-Y installations can be completed in an hour or so.


If you can devote your time to install the system yourself, make sure that you do it correctly. It can be a fantastic way to reduce your home security costs. Another great way to save money on an alarm system is to go for a hardwired system. Although wireless systems have their own benefits, wired systems are a more budget-friendly choice.

Home Automation Systems

If you own a home that sits idle for long periods of time, you may want to keep home automation on top of your 'must-have' list of items. A home automation system can enable you to control various settings of your rental property, even if the home is unoccupied. Use your PC or smartphone to remotely control various items in your home, adjust the thermostat, and toggle lights on and off. This kind of activity gives an impression that someone has occupied the property and acts as a deterrent to potential burglars. You can authorize unique access codes for guests, workers or property managers, and expire their authorization at the end of a tenant's lease period.


Neighborhood Crime Rate

Another factor that will greatly influence your choice of security systems for your rental property is the crime rate in your property's neighborhood. You can tailor your system to offer protection against crimes that have been common in the area. For instance, if there has been an increase in the number of intrusions through windows, you'll want to ensure that all accessible windows on rental your property are equipped with bars or alarms. A property located in a high-crime neighborhood may also benefit from the addition of CCTV cameras or a driveway alert system.



Last but not the least, it’s important to keep your rental property well maintained to enhance its safety. Fix any broken windows, doors or other entry points as soon as possible. Make sure to trim the overgrown shrubs and bushes in your front yard. Keep your smoke detectors clean and test them regularly and if they fail the test, replace them with new ones. Keep the contact info of a reputable 24-hour locksmith in handy for emergencies.

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