After you have filled out and sent the Pre-Application form below, please take the time to download the "Rent-Roll", fill it out and return it by email at your earliest opportunity.

Each of our programs are uniquely tailored depending on your investment goals. Call us old fashion but, we pride ourselves on taking the time to actually speak with you and learn your rental business. By spending a few minutes on the phone and reviewing your application, we can accurately determine how we can help you with the various programs available. Let’s get to know each other...Take the first steps in expanding your rental business now. We will email you all that you need to begin.

Step 1: Submit Pre-Application Form

Step 2: Download Rent-Roll & Questionnaire

Step 3: Fill & Return Rent-Roll & Questionnaire with a copy of your Credit Report to:contact

The "Rent-Roll" is a simple spreadsheet to help our analysis more accurately size your loan portfolio. It asks information about the properties themselves. (address, city, state, zip code, when you purchased, amount paid, what you think they are worth, etc. Because we underwrite using a property debt to income approach we will also be looking at the monthly rental income, and annual expenses such as RE taxes, Insurance, HOA, and landlord paid utilities.

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