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Blanket Loans (9)

New for 2019 - Rental property investors can now use our "Single Propety Loan" to purchase, refinance or cash out individual rental properties one at a time.

Our new rental investor financing lending programs allows rental investors to build their portfolio 1 by 1.

We Are YOUR Lending Partners From Your First Property to Your 100th

Single-Property Acquisition, Refinance, and cash out mortgage Loans for Rental Property Investors – Nationwide with benefits such as:

  • Business Loans From $75,000
  • Range Of Rates 6.99 - 7.5% FIXED
  • 30 Years Fixed Rate
  • 30 Year Amortization
  • Declining PPP - 3%-2%-1%
  • Up To 75% LTV On Purchase, Refinance, Or Cash Out
  • 1-2% Origination Fee Paid From Loan Proceeds At Close
  • Sensible Lending Decisions Based On Property Cash Flow, Not Your Personal Income
  • 85% DTI – Commercial Term For Cash Flow

Both newly formed investors and truly seasoned rental real estate professional are now able to use our Single Property loan program. Professional Landlords will appreciate the streamlined application process, the first time property owners, on the flip side, should use our online resources available to assist those looking to make their own mark into rental property investing.

  • Competitive Rates Without The Bank Hassles
  • No Personal Income DTI Calculations, Tax Forms Or W-2s Required
  • No Unnecessary Bank Paperwork
  • Common Sense Underwriting
  • Fund Into Your LLC
  • 2-4 Week Closing

Call us today - 1-888-375-7977 - for a free phone consolation or apply now to start the process. a Direct Portfolio Lender, provides competitive, fixed rate, financing for bulk single family homes and apartment buildings that are for rent. 

Nationwide Footprint

We are offering permanent financing for investors with at least 1 rental property in most areas of the country with our innovative new programs geared toward the entrepreneur/investor.

We will review the cash flow of the property and ensure they put you into a profitable position and will cover the annual debt service of >1.2x.  Our products are commercial loans based upon the cash flow of the property, not you personally. 

We don’t really care about your personal tax returns.  We understand that most landlords write off expenses and may demonstrate a small or even loss on business returns.  That’s OK with us…we base our decisions on the LTV and conservative cash flow of the collateral.

Now announcing 30 year fixed rates for 1 property at a time!

  • NEW - 30/30 Program - NEW:
  • 30 Year Fixed Rate – 30 Year Amortization
  • NO Tax Returns Required
  • NO 4506T Forms
  • Funds Into Your LLC
  • 3 Year Declining Pre-Payment Penalty - 3%-2%-1%-0
  • 75% Of As Is Value
  • Unlimited Cash Out
  • $75,000 - $5,000,000+ Loan Size
  • Rates Ranges 6.99 - 7.5% - (Based Upon Credit-Loan Size-LTV-Type Of Property-Cash Flow)
  • 620 Minimum FICO
  • Close As Fast As 2-3 Weeks
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NEW - "2nd Generation" Securitization Blanket Loan - Now Arriving - February 2017:

Before you sign and send thousands upfront of dollars away in hopes of obtaining a loan, give us a call to discuss your rental portfolio, goals, and opportunity. We OFTEN beat the overall structure of your current lender by offering more favourable loan docs, credit terms/conditions and much cleaner closing process. We guarantee it will not be a waste of time. Call us today...1-888-375-7977

3/30 - 5/30 - 7/30 – 10/30 Blanket Loan Highlights:

  • No Seasoning For Value - (Buy A House Today, Finance For Value Tomorrow)
  • Loan Sizes $300K To $30 Million+
  • Property Minimum Value - 50-75k - (Depends On MSA)
  • 5.5% - 6.5% Fixed Rates
  • 70-75% LTV - LTC Max
  • Full Term I/O Available To 60-65%
  • Purchase - Refinance - Cash Out
  • Unlimited Cash Out
  • Blanket Loan Lender
  • 3 - 5 -7 And 10 Year Fixed Rates
  • 30 Year Amortization
  • Non US Citizenship OK To 65%
  • 620 Min FICO

 Loan Doc Features - Truly Unique Program that will save you 1000's of dollars:

    1. NO Yield Maintenance PPP - Pre-Payment-Penalties)
    2. NO Monthly CAPEX Reserve Requirements
    3. NO Long Bond Forms
    4. NO Fee Requirements For Lender’s Attorney
    5. NO Post-Closing Liquid Reserve Requirements
    6. Recycle Existing LLC Is “OK”
    7. No Need To Form A New LLC Such As Delaware - Use Your Existing One!
    8. Ability To Sell Or Release Properties At Any Time
    9. Ability To Use Your Title/Escrow Company - Of Course Can Use Ours As Well...Your Choice!
    10. Far Easier Underwriting Guideline Model Than The Competition
    11. Expeditious Closing Process And Minimumal Closing Costs

Property Types Available for 2nd Generation Blanket Loans:

  • Single Family Housing – 2 Property Minimum
  • Group Of SFR’s, Condos, Townhomes
  • Searching For Stated Multifamily?

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This new offering is designed for the active real estate investor seeking regular returns plus long-term appreciation for "acquire and hold portfolios". Another innovative lending program for investors that will not constrain your regular return objectives because our No DSCR Ratio program is strictly based on the value of the property, not the revenue flow of the rental unit:

Single Property Investor Series – No DSCR Ratio

Vacation Rentals – Short Term Rentals - AIRBNB - High-end Upscale Investment Housing

Program Structure:
Offering Type: Acquire, Rate Term Reborrow, Take-Profit & Reborrow
Realty Type: Single property, First Lien Only
Investment Amount: 100K - 2M
Program Terms: 5/1 – 7/1 – 30/30 – No Balloon
Rate Range: 6.5% and up
Amortization: 30 year – Full Term Interest Only
LTV: UP to 75% of value with 700 credit
Property Based DTI: NO
Recourse: YES
Geography: National: Most major MSA’s and secondary markets
Underwriting Guidelines:
Property Type: SFR, 2-4 units, condos (FNMA warrantable), townhomes
Valuation Type: 1004/1007 URAR Standard with CDA Reconciliation
Borrower FICO: 640 Minimum
Seasoning: 6 Months on title for value
Documentation: Streamlined – NO Tax Returns
Inventory: Minimum of 4 months PITIA
Prepayment Penalty: Declining or 80% of 6 months Interest Payments
Eligible Borrowers: US Citizens/Permanent Resident Aliens/Foreign Nationals
Ineligible Borrowers: Owner Occupied Homes


Flexible lending programs to meet your time horizons:


Residential Rental Property

Lending Matrix for Blanket loans of 3 or more rental doors on residential rental property.

Geography Nationwide Financing (Except North Dakota, South Dakota, Alaska & Hawaii)
Loan Purpose Purchase or Refinance, Cash out
Loan Amount Range $300k-$50MM
Terms 5 or 10 year fixed rate balloon with up to a 30 year amortization
MAX LTV Up to 75% on stabilized lease ready properties (SFR, TH, 2-4 family, Condos) & Multi units (max 20 units)
Credit Grid No Bk’s last 2 years and No Foreclosures
Recourse Options
Credit Score Max LTV
680 75
670 70
660 65
Non Recourse 620 Minimum credit score for US Citizens
LTV for Non-recourse will be based on overall credit/loan profile
Foreign Nationals treated as Non-recourse, OK up to 75%
Minimum DSCR 1.15% ** Interest only available at 70% LTV and below, 670 score needed
Minimum Property Value $50k for 75% LTV, $40k- $49.9k limited to 50% LTV Multi Family $30k per unit
Prepayment Penalties
Term Standard Step Down
5 Year Term Yield Maintenance 5-4-3-2-1 (25bps rate add on)
10 Year Term Yield Maintenance 10-9-8-3-2-1 (25bps rate add on)
Seasoning After 90 days of ownership we will lend off appraised value
<90 days ownership we will lend off cost basis (purchase price + rehab)

10 or more doors

5-9 Doors 80%
Multi-unit properties 85%
 Fees Third party Appraisal Fees collected upfront at deposit to submit
RHF charges 1-2% origination and $2500 underwriting fee at close
Customary title charges at close
No application fees
General UW Tips Loan is assumable with lender approval, with a fee equal to the >$10k or 1% of the loan amount
Monthly payment includes, Taxes, Insurance and Capex
Capex- $450 SFR- $350 2-4 Per Unit- $250 for multi units and condos (per year)
No income verification- qualifies on the cash flow of the portfolio, a National multifamily blanket loan lender providing competitively priced, fixed rate, 3, 5, 7, or 10 year term mortgages, has recently announced the roll out of new expanded approvals for multifamily apartment building and all residential properties secured by at least 5 leases.

Our multifamily and blanket loans are specifically geared toward income properties and professional investors on a Nationwide. Our underwriting guidelines are “Make Sense” and we are aggressively lending in today’s market.

Borrowers and brokers now have the access to an unlimited fund, backed by experienced professionals, eager to lend money on Make sense opportunities. Our attractive financing options feature no seasoning, reasonable underwriting guidelines, unlimited properties, and unlimited cash out options. Call us today!

  • Multifamily blanket mortgage loan program highlights include:
  • NO Seasoning for cash out
  • NO Limits to amount of properties financed
  • Foreign National programs
  • LTVs up to 75%
  • 1.0 – 1.2x DSCR
  • Bridge loan financing available
  • Expanded approval for apartment building properties that offers access to captive equity for multifamily investors.
  • Non-recourse loan options to 75% LTV
  • Loan amounts from $500k to $100M
  • Rates range 4% and up
  • 5 – 10 year fixed rates
  • 30 year amortization
  • Interest only options – 60%
  • Expanded approvals for credit challenged borrowers
  • Please visit our FAQ’s now
  • Types of multifamily properties include:
  • Apartment building communities 5 units and up
  • Senior living facilities
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Student housing
  • Mixed use properties


Contact one of our qualified representatives now for a free consultation on how to increase your rental business.

Single Family Property Investment Loan Program Overview


Refinance or Purchase 1-4 unit Investment Properties Now

Why is it so critical for investors to refinance investment property now?

Mortgage interest rates are low, and new single family blanket mortgage and multifamily investment property loans have become far easier to get. Yet, this is only the tip of the iceberg in why investors need to seize on this opportunity to refinance investment property right now.


Consider these reasons to refinance in 2015:


Expand Your Rental Portfolio While the Market is Ripe

There has never been a better time to expand income property portfolios. Refinance investment property holdings and access pent up capital to make new acquisitions. LTV’s to 75%. – No borrower’s personal DTI income required. We use the income from the property.

Improve True Rates of Return

Given the rapid acceleration of equity growth over the last couple of years most investors are not realizing the best returns considering the amount of equity they have tied up in properties. Now is the time for smart leverage. Call us today and discuss how we can help.

Improve Cash Flow

Refinance investment property now in order to take advantage of longer amortization schedules (up to 30 years) and lower rental property mortgage interest rates – we also offer interest only options to maximize cash flow.


Optimize and Improve Portfolio Management

For those with multiple properties or planning to make additional acquisitions refinancing investment property with one mortgage loan can streamline portfolio management, decreasing risk, and increasing total NOI.

  • Highlights:
  • Loan Sizes $500K to $ 30 Million+
  • Loan amounts from $500k to $100M
  • Non US citizenship Ok
  • 75% LTV - LTC max
  • Unlimited cash out
  • Blanket Loan Lender
  • 5 & 10 year fixed rates
  • 30 year amortization
  • 5% - 7% fixed rates
  • Property Types Available:
  • Multi-Family (5+ Units)
  • Single Family Housing – 5 Property Minimum
  • Group of SFR’s, Condos, Townhomes, Apartments
  • Mixed-Use

APPLY NOW - or Call us to discuss your opportunity!1-888-375-7977

Help is here, if you are an investor, broker, or hard money lender looking to secure conventional loans for many homes wrapped under one mortgage, contact us today for easy approval.

How Blanket Mortgages Work for Financing Single Family Rental Properties

What are blanket mortgages? When should they be used for financing income investment properties? What features and terms should real estate investors be demanding when shopping for a blanket mortgage loan?

Blanket Mortgages 101:

Blanket mortgages may be a new concept for many residential real estate investors. However, they have been used for decades by builders and developers, and commercial property investors. Blanket mortgages are used for funding more than one piece of property, in one loan, with a single servicer. Imagine if a builder or developer needed to arrange individual lot and home financing for every property in a new subdivision, or condominium building. It would be a paperwork nightmare, not to mention slow, inefficient, and extremely expensive to the point of being cost prohibitive.  Instead they obtain one mortgage loan which is secured by all of the property under a single loan. In the past this has been used as bridge or gap financing for those seeking to expand investment portfolios who may be equity rich, but cash poor. Or for offering increased security for a lender in exchange for better terms.

Now, new Buy to Rent investor loans offer access to the benefits of Blanket Mortgages for refinancing, and expanding single family rental home portfolios.

When to Use a Blanket Mortgage

Blanket mortgages make a lot of sense for today’s rental property investor. There are also many questions that investors are asking.  Many income investors have poured much of their liquidity into making acquisitions, own property free and clear, but could use the additional flexibility of more cash on hand.

Those with 5 plus rental properties can use blanket mortgages to refinance, and access captive equity for making property improvements, covering holding costs, or simply taking advantage of low interest rates and leverage while recouping precious cash stores.

Others will want to use these investment property loans for making acquisitions while asset prices are attractive. Some of these buy to rent loans will allow for bulk buying of single family homes, or offer a credit facility for pooling property from different sources.

Whatever the purpose, this is an ideal time to use blanket mortgages for residential property investors.

What to Look for in a Blanket Mortgage Lender:

7 factors to look for when considering a blanket mortgage loan include:A lender experienced at making blanket mortgage loans

  1. A investor friendly lender who actively wants to fund single family homes
  2. Non-recourse loans if at all possible
  3. Corporate or business entity loans and title holding for privacy and reduced liability
  4. If there are pre-payment penalties, and how much they are
  5. Longer amortization schedules for lower payments and more flexibility and cash flow
  6. Clarity on partial release clauses for selling individual units in the future

Call us today – 1-888-375-7977 and speak with one of our qualified representatives.

Loan Parameters

Rental Home Financing is currently inviting applications for our new industry leading portfolio mortgage loan program.

With NO LIMITS on number of properties owned or financed, attractive investment mortgage rates, and investor friendly underwriting, let this be your catalyst for maximizing portfolio performance and growing holdings to new levels.

  • 1 to 500 rental properties
  • No personal Income/debt ratios are used
  • Consolidate monthly payment to 1 single mortgage lender
  • Portfolios located across the United States are OK
  • 30 year Amortization available
  • Non-Recourse options
  • 5 -10 & 30 year fixed rates

With over $5.5B under management, low fixed bulk rental property mortgage loans for acquisitions, improvements and restructuring, in addition to lines of credit and credit facilities for rapidly growing investors and investment companies it’s hard to find a financing partner that even comes close…

View loan program highlights, browse our frequently asked questions or contact us today for expert assistance in refinancing your rental property portfolio.

If you are in need of financing less than 5 rental properties, please visit our Single property 30 year loan product

Loan Parameters Chart

TermTypeIndexPrepay prd.RecourseMax LTVMin. DSCRAmort.
5 years* Fixed 5-year Swap Options Non-recourse 75% 1.20x 30 years
5 years* Fixed 5-year Swap Options Full recourse 75% 1.20x 30 years
10 years* Fixed 10-year Swap Options Non-recourse 75% 1.20x 30 years
10 years* Fixed 10-year Swap Options Full recourse 75% 1.20x 30 years

Call us today – 1-888-375-7977 and speak with one of our qualified representatives.

Blanket Mortgages for Rental Homes
Over 4 billion for Blanket Mortgages Rental Homes

We are backed by over 4 billion dollars of financing that has been earmarked for deployment in 2020 for most any property type that is habitable and rented to stable tenants.

Whether your property portfolio consists of 1 or 3,000, we more than likely have a solution to help you grow your business.

Today fixed rates are ranging between 5 - 6.5%.

Check out our loan parameters for more specific information or simply call us to learn more about our blanket loan product.

Investment mortgage blanket loan chart for 2020

TermTypeIndexPrepay prd.RecourseMax LTVMin. DSCRAmort.
5 years* Fixed 5-year Swap Options Non-recourse 75% 1.20x 30 years
5 years* Fixed 5-year Swap Options Full recourse 75% 1.20x 30 years
10 years* Fixed 10-year Swap Options Non-recourse 75% 1.20x 30 years
10 years* Fixed 10-year Swap Options Full recourse 75% 1.20x 30 years
  • First Mortgage Lien or Deed of Trust, plus equity pledge of sponsor.
  • $500,000 to $5,000,000+
  • 5 and 10 year fixed rates available
  • Portfolios of 1 to 4 family rental homes, townhomes, condos and 5+ multifamily
  • Cross collateralized and cross defaulted first mortgage and equity pledge
  • Approved LLC or other commercial entity
  • Up to 75% of BPO/appraised value
  • 30 year amortization depending on price point, age and leverage
  • Competitive market pricing
  • Non-recourse to key principals except for customary bad act carveouts

Call us to discuss your opportunity! - 1-888-375-7977


Double your real estate business.

Double Your Business

We understand rental home business is cash intensive. Many of today's investors who have been snapping up vacant homes from various institutions have now begun to reach the lending limits set forth either by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, or local lending credit unions, banks, etc.

Our loan products enable you to switch your debt to a new debt instrument that enables you to free your credit lines, consolidate your mortgages and virtually double your business!

Better hurry before your competitors do!